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    Part of a series designed to develop reading skills in beginner-to-intermediate level English students, this story at reading level 5 includes a glossary of new words and exercises to extend the student's understanding of the text.

    Storylines are new editions of selected Streamline Graded Readers with a new design and new colour artwork. Aimed at beginner to intermediate levels, each story is graded and has a contemporary feel that should appeal to teenagers and young adults. "Streamline Graded Readers" cater for the lowest levels of language learning and are based on the same syllabus as the Streamline coursebooks, using graded structure and contemporary vocabulary. These are original stories by a variety of authors.

    Streamline graded readers provide carefully graded and enjoyable reading material for students of English. As well as a glossary and illustrations to increase understanding, each reader contains exercises to develop reading skills and vocabulary acquisition. The grading follows the syllabus of Streamline English.

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