Read And Understand 4 - Betty Kirkpatrick - Rebecca Mok

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    Read and Understand is a series of four workbooks written for secondary or intermediate students who want to improve their reading comprehension skills. The 15 reading texts in each of the two lower-level books deal with social and contemporary issues of interest to teenagers. Each of the two upper-level books contains 20 reading passages covering a range of highly interesting topics written in different text types.
    Every unit begins with three or four Pre-Reading Questions to encourage students to think about issues related to the topic. The questions are designed for students lo work in pairs or small groups to develop their ability to make predictions and to understand information by drawing on their own knowledge and experience.
    The Vocabulary Study section makes it convenient for students to look up the meanings of words and phrases highlighted in the reading passage.
    Manufacturers are currently competing with each other to produce a form of green packaging. Packaging is an important part of marketing these days, but much of it is a threat to the environment There are two reasons for this. The production of such packaging uses up a great deal of energy and the cartons, wrappers, etc are often difficult to dispose of when they become waste material.

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